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Monday, January 4, 2016

Garry's trip west and other adventures

For those looking for an update on Garry and Max's trip west, I can't tell you much. I know he went to his cousin's place in Alberta on Friday. I know he phoned to get the directions to Otto and Adriana's place to meet with the team from LaCombe that night, because he couldn't get into the hotmail account because he logged in from a different place, but we didn't talk except about that, because he needed to go there imediately. I don't think he bought a new sim card for the cell phone, so no one can call him.

I know he went to his meeting with the CRMF board in Calgary Saturday and left there around 3 pm and drove to Salmon Arm, but I do not have any details about any of these things, or what Max thinks of the drive or the Rocky Mountains. Maybe when they return on Wednesday or Thursday, I will be able to  tell you all about it.

Today, Monday they are driving to the Vancouver area and are staying with Ev Wiens, they plan to start to head back home on Tuesday, unless plans change.

Meanwhile I have been having fun with the grandkids as planned. Baby Isaac has great eye-hand co-ordination as he did his first grandma's glasses grab this week.

The big sleepover on Saturday with the girls went well, we made crafts, ate healthy snacks. pizza and gingerbread houses fixed their dolls' hair and eventually they all went to sleep after baths... before midnight.
The most elaborate mini house ,
she was still working while her sisters were eating

They had talked of pretending it was New Year's Eve since it was inspired by two years ago, but they were all asleep when I checked at 11:30 before crawling into bed with a 5 year old, a doll and a toy cow, Later joined on the pillows by the cat that was apparently hiding under the bed.

  I drove them back to Piney for church Sunday morning, where the church had a mission day so I ended up having lunch with them, before getting a ride home.

The morning sun is trying to climb over the trees so I have a few things to do today... including a little craft cleanup. The girls like to make their own things with the materials provided. Don't worry I wiped up the glue when it hit the floor. I am trying to decide if the tree can make another weekend.

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