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Thursday, January 28, 2016

On his way

Last night we had dinner with all the kids and grandkids except our daughter (two hours each way on a school night is a bit much). I made potato salad in the afternoon before going into Steinbach to get my broken filling repaired and picked up KFC chicken and store bought sides to go with it. Everyone arrived right after I got home, so all I had to do was mix up the dressing in the bag of coleslaw... in a bowl, I meant,  not in the bag!

More snow fell than expected this morning, but Garry successfully drove into the city to the airport, he even stopped and bought new work boots to wear back to Ukraine, and arrived not too much past eleven am, his two hour before departure time.  His Nikes are stuffed in his gym bag, which has what didn't fit in the three 23 kilo (50 pound) suitcases of stuff.

What kind of stuff? Fitted twin sheets I bought at the thrift store, jeans for the students, parts for repairing the chopper... really heavy parts, and some links for the TMR mixer chain because they couldn't buy the correct ones in Ukraine. Then I stuffed in other stuff people gave us for students, and even a few presents we got for Christmas. Hopefully all this arrives with Garry and makes it onto the train and home to the village!

I successfully drove back home, although it was an exciting ride back up the St Labre Road wading through snow higher than the tires. I met three pickup trucks and an SUV so I had to desert the tracks for the deeper snow, luckily I made it back into the tracks each time. The rain spitting onto the windshield most of the way home solved the salt spray problem since the washer fluid squirt-er is broken... and the back wiper isn't working either. I think they broke when Garry drove west, but it's the first time I've needed the windshield cleaned off, I had noticed the back wiper wasn't working after he got back.

He should be on a plane to Amsterdam now, enjoying dinner and several movies. He has a book to read in airports, since he left his computer at home in the village in December (he's been using mine here) so I won't hear from him until he arrives there Friday morning!

I am sure the next two weeks with the kids and grandkids (and cleaning the basement) will fly for me before I join him.

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