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Friday, January 8, 2016

Home tomorrow?

Garry called today, I asked if he had a cold, but he said he was just talking too much. He finally left BC this morning, after spending the night at AJ's in Salmon Arm. He was out in the barn for morning milking there. He and Max left after breakfast and made it to Calgary, where they are staying with another supporter overnight, before trying to get home for the night milking- Max is on the schedule. If they don't make it there will be some shifting to cover it, since Seth is already doing that milking.

Sounds like everything is going well, not too much trouble with the car. The heat is not blowing on their feet again, and he bought new windshield wipers, it was slushy in BC.

Looks like Max enjoyed his time with Ev Wiens, whom he knew when he was a student the first year of the trade school.  He got to do some sightseeing with her while Garry was busy with meetings, he saw White Rock and the ocean.

They made it!

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