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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

There's snow over there

Garry is leaving in a week and a day for Ukraine and from the photo I found, there is a lot of snow.
Victor said that there was a big snow storm on Sunday. The first of the year, it looks like they are having problems clearing the roads, I think Max must be dealing with a tank full of milk he couldn't get any of the buyers into the village to buy!
The photo was taken Tuesday and the plow is just going down a major road!

I read that there is a flu epidemic in Ukraine too, but I booked my flight into Dnepro's airport just before Valentines Day, two weeks after Garry arrives. Prices are really down on flights right now, if you are thinking of coming to visit! Garry will be at a meeting at Emmanuel EFree Church tonight for people interested in joining the building team they are sending in March or April.

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