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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The new seeder and flail chopper under the shed
Looks like Garry could have built the shed even bigger, it's filling up fast as you see in this photos of the twice as big machine shed. I am not sure if he could make it any longer, it is too the fence line of the barn drive now, and of course he made it a few feet shorter to leave the apricot tree!

What's that pile of brewer's grain doing there?

Supplies under the shed for the door project
 Last week the guy who sells Brewers grain in the village dropped a little extra off at the farm. They fed some to the milking cows and they gave more milk... so now we have bought some from him. Garry says the ration was a little short on protein, milk prices are good, so he can profit over the cost of buying some. The pits are full of nasty water from all the rain and lack of use, so for now there is a pile in front of the pits!

The guys are getting ready to winterize the barn, this year they will rebuilt the doors, several of the canvas covered doors are much the worse for wear, with holes in the fabric, they will be redone with wood covering the frames on both sides and Styrofoam board in the center for insulation, the ones that are still good on the outside will just get the insulation and wood on the inside of the doors. Of course they will be building the winter bale wall on the two walls like every winter to keep the barn warmer, so the cows body heat can keep it from freezing, most of the time anyway.
That circlur PVC thing on the milker is the pulsator

Garry recently bought a couple new pulsators for the milking machines. A new one in Canada lasts forever and costs a 100 dollars - a Ukrainian one lasts about a year and costs less than 10!

We are going to the Animal Farm Show in Kiev tomorrow with Maria (or Masha) Garry's translator and our 2nd year trade school students, Andrey and Max B. We drove almost there this afternoon, and are spending the night in a hotel, we'll see if we make it all the way back to the village after the show. Watch the birds eye blog for photos in the next couple days.

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