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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thanksgiving and

We had a nice weekend with Garry's brother and parents, they all went to the orphanage near Kharkov where John sponsors a girl and handed out presents he brought and played games with the kids on Saturday. They were very pleased with the highway, there is a nice road for a good way, I was told only 30 Km of "poor road."
Honoring teachers (it was teachers day last week)

Misha translating and Dad preaching

Garry, me, with Maria (his translator) his mom, dad and John

at the restaurant  Garry is holding his buddy Maksim P

We all went to Morningstar church on Sunday where Garry's father had been asked to give the message, with Misha translating for him. They congratulated him on still bringing the gospel at 82 years of age. It was a special Sunday for our church, as they celebrated the 19th anniversary of the church. Afterwards we went to dinner at Puzata Hata with some friends from church, before picking up a few groceries for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, and heading home. That evening I baked pies while they played Rummykube.

A special Thanksgiving dinner

This is the first time we have been with Garry's parents for Canadian Thanksgiving since we moved from Ontario 15 years ago. John usually works holidays in the US, so he had not had Thanksgiving dinner in a few years.

 Monday we shared a nice Thanksgiving dinner at noon. Garry found a little work for his father and brother, grinding some grain. You will notice he did move the mill upstairs as the guys suggested, and yes they were white with grain dust and needed a shower before dinner!I cooked a small chicken - with stuffing the extra stuffing is in the foil packets, and a lovely sweet potatoes/squash casserole - that is our entire sweet potato crop in the pot in the photo- so I had to stretch them out some. The walnut, brown sugar topping really made the dish yummy after it baked for an hour.
The dust is flying from upstairs

This was what we saved for Andrey

Mooska was happy with the chicken carcass

After the dishes were done, the guys cracked more walnuts

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