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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday afternoon in the village

Today I sent Garry into Church in Dnepropetroesk without me. Every other time I have gone to church here with a cough, I have a horrendous coughing fit during the service and have to go outside the auditorium, because I just can't stop. Plus I think that everyone there thinks I am trying to spread the plague... of course they all believe I got sick from not wearing slippers in the house, or eating ice cream, or a draft from a window, or not wearing my winter coat when it's plus 10 C.... that's in the 50s for you American thinkers.
To tell the truth I don't feel worse than I did earlier in the week, then I was stuffed up. now my sinuses are draining down the back of my throat instead...

Easy to find our van from the back now!
I got the dishes washed up, and was working on my Christmas crochet projects when... the power went out at 2 in the afternoon.... time changed last night, no more Daylight Savings Time for Ukraine, so it is an hour later, the battery is running low on the computer and I am unable to crochet because it's a little dark in here, it has been another overcast day here in the village.

The cows in the village herd came back at 4 o'clock today with the time change. It was someone else's turn today, we had done the last five, well we hired more people to herd.  Andrey only went for a day and a half with the herd, I think. People in the village need work. Garry returned home around 4:30, the same time the repair crew arrived in the village, an hour later it is really dark outside as they are apparently trying to find the bad transformer that blew, the ladies are miking so the generator is running. So we have a couple lights on at our house, but the rest of the village is dark. Garry phoned Max, who has the car now, so he can go get a can of gas for the generator, in case it runs out before the electric is fixed. Max tells Garry that the crew is working on the transformer by the church, which was the problem apparently. We'll watch for the lights to come on next door, so they can turn off the generator and go back on the line, when it's fixed.

I should have remembered that the power rarely gets fixed once it gets dark, it was noon on Monday- just in time to cook up some dinner- when it came back on! Tuesday night it went off just after dark around 5 pm, it was back on when we returned from Bible Study in Zaporosia at 10:30... we saw some guys with chain saws as we drove out of the village with Maria (who came for lessons) and Max B (who wanted to come to learn more about the Bible, and really enjoyed it, even if he only learned English in the last year.) 
Don't know if the chain saws were the cause of the outage or the reason it was back on on Tuesday!

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