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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Talk... and some old photos

 Garry and I spoke at the Holstein club meeting in nearby Freidensfeld as scheduled on Thursday morning. His cold was better (although he is still coughing on Saturday, he is starting to sleep better, finally) so he did not lose his voice. We may have a few new readers of the blog, although I talked to several people who read it regularly already. Thanks for the encouragement.

 I don't have a picture of me (I forgot to tell Garry to take one), but I wore the Ukrainian embroidered blouse Garry gave me for Christmas and a long blue skirt that matches it, and did the intro - 20 minutes about our farm history in the US and Canada and what it's like to live in Ukraine. Here are a couple of those photos of the early Garry and Teresa farming slides, for those who missed the presentation...
Teresa, her father Ron, and Garry 1983

Garry  feeding cows, 1987, after moving to Zurich, Ontario, Canada

Teresa with Micah and Noah August 1989

The photo that started it all- we met at the fair in NJ- 1977
Garry far left, Teresa on his right

 Then Garry talked about farming in Ukraine for an hour, we had a great response from the crowd, and might get some visitors in Ukraine, some who have Mennonite roots and some people who were interested in helping with the project for the trade school, too.

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