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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

We are still in Manitoba, which was apparently as cold as (or colder than) Mars for the new year. Looks like we will stay here until the end of the month, but we have not booked our plane tickets.
Not too cold for these calves to play outside!

Next week Thursday Garry (and maybe me) is speaking at the Holstein Club meeting at the Friedensfeld Community Centre about farming in Ukraine, I am working on making slides for an hour and half presentation, and need to take down the Christmas tree.... but I am procrastinating by writing a blog post...

We had a quiet new year's eve, with the three oldest granddaughters spending the night; well, quiet until I gave the two oldest (the 3-year old did not make it past 11 pm) horns to blow at 11:30 pm....
 Earlier in the evening Garry did his annual official measurement on the stick (we have had it since the house burned before Jonah was born) and since our boys tend to grow even after high school, both Seth and Jonah grew a little, but the little girls (the grand daughters) grew more!

Seth grew a little this past year- officially as tall as brother Josh

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