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Friday, January 24, 2014

Getting packed

Today is what fits in the suitcases day, our quest to not pay for an extra suitcase this trip back may be successful  from preliminary weight estimates and what has gone in so far.... it's looking good. I may even get my clothes in with the yarn and Christmas presents I am stuffing in with Garry's machinery parts! We fly out Monday afternoon and Garry spent all day yesterday, with a little help, wrestling with taking a milk parlor he bought apart. Right now he is gone to somewhere near Mitchell to get the rest of the pieces, which still need to be packed up to be shipped in small boxes to Ukraine. He has some photos on his camera but I am not sure where that is right now. (Turns out it's in his coat pocket, which he left at the farm.) This will be the parlor for the trade school barn when it arrives in about two months.

Garry is going to a mens retreat with guys from our church in Steinbach at Red Rock Bible camp, so his time is limited to get this finished, and it is snowing again. I am hoping to see some of the kids this weekend, and am doing a presentation at Matt's church in Piney during the Sunday service.
We even made the Steinbach paper while we were home

The news from Ukraine's capital is not good, but we are not going through there on this trip, and we have been told things are quite normal in the rest of the country. We hope to get lots done when we get back before a work team comes from Canada (BC) mid- March to help with the project.

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