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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A quick look at Wednesday

Wednesday... and the guys got the tractor back together with a number of new parts, about 200 dollars worth I think. They did go with the more expensive imported parts, and after it was back in one piece they tried it out and it wouldn't go into high range. After looking over the diagrams they decided they must have put a gear in backwards, so they split it again today (Thursday) to get to the gear and turn it around.

Wednesday is the day the students work in the afternoon, and the boys were over at the new barn, where there were a few things to do to get the barn ready to move the small heifers from the barn here to there. Garry worked on getting a pen built for them to live in this winter, and a feeding area that the could eat from, and not escape through. He is getting anxious to get everything done so all the cows and heifers will be in the barns, since the wet weather is overdue (fall here is normally cool and wet.) By the middle of the afternoon, everything was ready and Garry, Max, and the milker ladies, with the assistance of the students spent about a hour moving, pushing, chasing about 22 small heifers...large calves ... down the street, got them to turn the corner onto the side street and over to the new barn. Some of the students were afraid of the calves and none had experience moving cows, so it was exciting. I got a few pictures as they heading out of the driveway and down the street. Garry says one of the most difficult parts of the process was getting the calves to leave the pen and barn they have been living in.

The girls were bagging up the mookooka (sunflower by product made when the oil is pressed out of the seed) that did not fit upstairs in the bin when it was delivered. It had been sitting in front of the barn since Monday afternoon. Turns out little Julia is the strongest one of the girls, she could move the full bags around.

Mookooka- the gray stuff (corn silage behind)
 We had to start feeding it this week when Garry could not get anymore brewers' grain delivered, sooner than expected. Every year during the holidays it is unavailable when the brewery shuts down for 6-8 weeks.

Tuesday Garry and I spent the morning on an emergency trip to Molachank because he ran out of frozen Canadian semen for breeding cows on Sunday, and Maria was unable to get anyone on the phone until late Monday afternoon. We saved Maxim Boradin about 37 grivna because we dropped him in Zaporosia for his English class, and picked him up at one o'clock on our way back.
This is the orphanage Max B grew up in in Molachansk 

 We had a little trouble locating a bank machine to get some grivna out in Molachansk, because Garry was about 50 grivna short (we pay cash for almost everything here) He wasn't worried because he had used one there before, but it was closed. The lady at the office was able to tell him where there was one, and after Garry waited in line a while, he could go back and pay and then head over to the old horse farm where they keep the semen. They were ready for us, but Garry had to talk to the accountant on the phone, because when she recounted the money she said it was 100 grivna short (about 6 dollars). Luckily we could give it to them there before they put the semen in our liquid nitrogen tank and not go back to the office to pay.

Garry was behind these people to use the only working ATM machine in town
The grivna has been falling fast this week against the dollar - up to 16 to 1 now

Garry managed to breed a couple cows Wednesday before we headed out to Dnepropejisk for his English class around 4:30 pm. It is already dark at that time and we had a safe trip both ways, but not without a few exciting moments, like when that car on the side of the road opened its door with no interior lights on and we just saw the guy and door as we went by... and when Garry had to slam on the brakes for a car cutting in front of us and the bottles of milk he was bringing along flew off the back seat and banged into the back of my seat.

We went to the mall there and grabbed some burgers at big burger and Garry reviewed his lesson. He was doing the same one he did on Friday in Dnepropeptroesk, but had been too busy to look at it all day. We headed out to the class 20 minutes before seven, and were on our way home by 8:20, after selling interested students some milk. More students there had read the chapters in the book than on Friday, and they had a few questions and a good discussion about the law of human nature.

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