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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Looking over at the babushka's house on Wednesday
Winter has arrived! We are getting ready to depart to real winter in Canada next week, but have been getting everything ready for winter here. In the last week we have had a dusting of snow several times with flakes falling a few days and nights, and sometimes drizzle,  with temperatures around or just below freezing.

Friday evening there were some snow flurries falling in Dnepropetroesk when we went there for Garry's last book club night until January. On the way home we saw a few more snowflakes and some drizzle hitting the windshield.

Saturday morning and there was a nice frosting of snow over everything, maybe an inch, with flakes still falling, as you can see on Polo's head. Bear is snuggled in a big pile of straw in his doghouse these days.
Bear is out of his house for dinner

It's 2 pm now and the snow is falling faster, there is 3-4 inches on the ground now! Good thing Garry has no where to go until church tomorrow morning...

Yesterday a guy came to fix some tears in the canvas of the barn, he was supposed to be back today with another guy to finish, then the guys can get busy making the straw walls for insulation inside the barn that they make every winter. Even the students got winterized, Garry and Maria took them shopping for warm winter coats, shoes, hats and gloves for everyone who needed them for working in the barn or for good.

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