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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter has arrived

On Monday morning and afternoon it looked liked this outside, as the next door neighbor- yes, the babushska, was busy once again, raking and burning leaves.

I am trying hard not to take too many cold and sinus pills this fall but I am stuffed up often from all the smoke, it seems burning things is the number one hobby of villagers (and even city dwellers) across Ukraine, and even more so in the fall!

Tuesday morning we woke up to an ice covered world... the rain continued for most for most of the day, later it was really just rain, but the grass stayed icy. There was a good layer on the windshield, Garry three hot water on to melt it so he could see, after trying to defrost it for 15 minutes.

 The girls arrived for classes before 9 am (on time means you get candy, the boys did not get any.)

We gave them a ride part way, we were going to the highway to drop Andrey off to catch a marshutka (minibus). He forgot his cellphone so we had to turn around, he's going home to visit his folks for a couple days. Garry drove to Zaporosia at one o'clock after classes and the highways weren't bad, all the traffic melted the ice.
Andrey heading to the bus stop at 9 am
Luckily the students had helped chase the larger heifer calves over to the barn Monday afternoon, and the guys put the bred heifers in from the pen when it started raining that evening, so everything was dry inside. I was going to get some photos before classes but it took too long to drive Andrey to the highway, the village road was a sheet of glass, so we didn't get over there. Garry went later in the day.

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