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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Quick look at today, Saturday - updated

Fall plowing is not done yet... and the tractor is in pieces as you can see. They hope to replace a problem bearing, but had to take the tractor apart first. Maxim Rudei and Sasha the tractor driver have been working on it all day, it has been apart since before lunchtime (that was chili, now I am making pizza for Saturday night dinnertime.)

There is the cab over there

and there are some more pieces

Garry takes a look before going to pick up the part in Dnepro that
Victor is buying and Garry will bring back for the guys to put in

As soon as Maxim and Sasha figure it how to get the bearing out 
 Meanwhile, Max Boradin is feeding the cows corn silage. Andrey Rudei is using the tractor, the one not in pieces; to chop cornstalks and bring them back to the barn- the heifers and dry cows will be eating them this winter.

Max B takes a few minutes to show a new student how to clean the cows with the currycomb. The student who helps with milking in the  afternoon is supposed to stay until 4 pm and clean up, unlike the early morning and evening shifts when they leave when milking is finished.
Max is showing Kolya how to do it fast (he does everything fast)

Garry is taking the breeding supplies out of the back of the van
He was in a nearby village this morning breeding a cow... and one further away last night

and he's off to the city again... like every day this week..
and it was a teaching week
 Update- Monday morning, and Garry and Max are off to Zaporosia to pick up more parts for the tractor, they are replacing all the bearings in there now, something about pieces of metal and and whether the bearings are made in Ukraine or Belarus- it's a quality issue. Apparently max has gotten lots of advice on how to fix it from other is the village. Garry is buying more screws and things for finishing the doors at the other barn too, he never has enough screws, I think he's bought a truck load of screws this year! 

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