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Monday, March 23, 2015

Alberta team is here!

Yes, I have been too busy to write and likely will continue to be! However, our group of Dutch dairy farmers arrived Sunday evening in the rain and are hard at work with Garry and the students, inside and on top of the house. Luckily it did not rain much last night, and now the sun is shining, but it is rather cool (maybe even cold) today.

very open concept now!

working on the beams
 Inside the house they are working on beams to hold up the ceiling, since Garry and his village crew (and students) got the demo finished last week. Outside they are on the roof removing the old "shieffer" roof, and piling it up in the yard. The former owner of the house and few neighbors have asked to get some for projects, like roof repairs. The new steel for the roof was ordered last week and should arrive today or tomorrow. The students are bringing sand inside  to level the floor before the new concrete floor is poured.
Garry answered his cell phone, behind him the roof is naked

Nastya is shoveling sand into the wheel barrows
 Sasha (facing the camera) and Valera are pushing

Karina and other other Sasha are moving the old shieffer

some Canadians on the roof, they are taking it off
and handing it down to Kolya

Tea and coffee time in the entryway of the house

The team and all the students were here at our house for lunch (soup and open-faced sandwiches) and are hard at work again. Above you see are a few pictures I got when I brought coffee, tea and cookies at 10 am.

And here are some at 4pm, when they raised another beam..
coffee in the attic

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