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Monday, March 16, 2015

Update on spring

Now that I am finally getting better (still a little tired, but no more mono sore throat) the internet has been really slow at home, so I apologize to the lack of blog posts lately. We are getting ready for the Alberta team to arrive on Saturday evening to help remodel the new group home. This means that Garry is busy with tearing down brick walls today, while I am figuring out the logistics of hosting (making menu plans and room rearrangement for 8 more people to sleep in our house, next month the boys lose their room for 5 days, this time they are safe!)
even bees think it's spring!

The good news is spring seems to be here, with the crocuses blooming, although we have had some rainy days lately. Garry says you can never complain about rain in Ukraine, because there is never too much to for the crops (most years not enough) and these geese down the street agree. Many people have their poultry on the loose these days.

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