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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday work continues on the house

Still pretty cold here in the morning, but the team and students were hard at work at eight am. They are getting the plumbing lines in place under the floor before the concrete is poured, hoping to get that done Wednesday morning.

Some of the group is on the roof again today, getting it ready ...straighter? to put the metal roof on... the roofing is arriving this afternoon. Here are a few pics from this morning when I walked down with coffee and tea. The team and students were here at our house again today for lunch, I was too busy running around to get a photo, it is pretty crowded in here, tomorrow it will be warmer, so we hope to serve soup over at the work site. The two ladies on the team have taken over dish washing, so I have less to do today!

Polo walked with me in the morning

Valera helped me carry the bag
I took coffee/tea/Koolaid and cookies down again at 3:30 pm, I was walking and carrying everything again like this morning, but my load was lighter, when Valera, who had been helping milk the cows, came out of the driveway on his bike and put the heavy bag with the thermoses on the handle bars and walked with me to the house.

You can see they made great progress since this morning, replacing the boards for the roof, and the downstairs is nearly ready for the cement. They took tea and coffee up on the roof again this afternoon.
Looks like they replaced almost everything up there!

The students were impressed with the safety glasses today

Hard at work, hopefully they got some coffee!

The geese were a little unfriendly as Polo and I walked home

And now I am going to finish making dinner, the potato salad is already finished and in the fridge.  Last night I was ready and waiting for them because they walked over to check out the "new barn" that they could see all day while working on the roof.
Ready for dinner, it stayed warm.

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