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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Drilling a well

Here's Garry and Sergey drilling a 11 meter well (37 feet deep) for the new house. It will be for the washing and flushing needs of the house. In the summer they are hooked up to the village water system, but it is turned off when it gets cold in the fall and turned back on it the springtime. During the winter it will be the "salty' well water that will fill this cistern. There is a separate cistern for drinking water.

 The same drilling rig was used for the well for the barn behind our house that we use for the cows. Garry borrowed it from who ever had it it, they turn it by hand and add more pipe sections as needed.

They turn and then pull it out and clean it off, then drop it in and turn some more.

It only took one day, now they are working on connections and pumps to make everything work. Right now the village water is still on, but soon they will need this one to work. The well is half full and it has been dry lately, so it's a success!

adding more sections

the sand bag makes work easier, they just have to turn it

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