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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pizza night

The stars finally aligned to have a staff and student pizza night this school year. Saturday nights the new house hosts movie night, Friday nights in August and September started out as Hip Hop Church night in Zaporosia and most of the students enjoyed going there with Max Rudei and the new group home parents. However, it has been moved to Sunday afternoons, leaving Fridays open for activities in the village for the group home families.

 Most Friday nights, Garry and I are not here, but in Dnepropetroesk for an English group, but it doesn't meet on the last Friday of the month, so we were able to invite all the students and group home families for pizza at six pm this week. I made a dozen pizzas, some people brought soda, we had some "gas water" (sparkling) I had accidentally bought, and everyone ate all they could.

Garry decided Vika (he blue coat) has a problem with not taking a slice from each pizza as it comes out. She had about five pieces on her plate but whenever he set a new pizza down, she'd grab another slice. She fills her glasses to the brim, too.

Of course, Nilolai, sitting next to her (making bunny ears over her head) told me he'd eaten 12 slices of pizza!

Polo has decided little Christina looks generous

 Group home mom Larissa told Garry that Valentina was working out at the barn, so he went and got her before the pizza was gone... we never mind a little cow smell at our house!

Afterwards, we had a little poppyseed cake for anyone who was still hungry after the pizza, and Garry decided we could play a game... no hands biting the apple on the string.

Garry took a turn, he wasn't successful either. I think Kolya got a bite out of his apple, but everyone who tried got their apple after trying a while, and everyone had a good time watching.

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