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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rain, rain, come to stay

Well it did rain on Wednesday. Unfortunately just enough to get me wet walking home from my afternoon class! On the way there (just before four o'clock), the wind was blowing and it was sprinkling a little for the first time all day.  After class, it was coming down hard enough for me to walk with my computer under my raincoat, and cold enough that my wet jeans were uncomfortable by the time I got home.
 I had to wend my way through the village herd of cows who also looked wet and unhappy, they return to the village around 5 pm nowadays, with darkness falling shortly after six (changing tomorrow with the clocks falling back here in Ukraine.) Garry had gone off with the car in an attempt to get the tires fixed (he still needs to buy a new rim for one, we have had a run of flat tires, he had to change one in Dnepro at nine pm lat week Friday as we left the English club (the SEI follow up, we are reading stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul, every week but the last one of the month).

In the morning I got my feet wet and muddy walking to class- slightly manure-ry, too, I wasn't looking down enough and stepped in a wet, gooey cow plop in the way there. The village herd goes out to the field about 20 minutes before I leave for school.  Even though there were a few puddles on the road, Garry says he doubts it was enough to sprout the wheat. They were able to plow some gardens for people yesterday, and today they got back in the field and planted the last few acres of wheat, there are 47 hectares planted. Looks like the forecast is promising rain again, maybe even tomorrow.

Sunday will be election day here in Ukraine, I took a photo of a  billboard with one campaign's version of an attack ad. Seems like the only time all the billboards are sold is election time.

Yesterday we headed into the city early for the 7 pm class, hoping to go bowling, we haven't found time to go in weeks. Ten pin bowling (for Americans there is 5 pin bowling in Canada) is one thing we can enjoy together, I can win once in a while, so we both enjoy it. However, we were disappointed this time, the bowling alley at MoCT city shopping center was locked and papered over. This happened once about three years ago, hopefully it opens under new management like last time. We'll try Zaporosia next week while we are not teaching, if Garry is not too busy with his small building project. He has been working on the foundation for the addition to the girls' house. I was going to walk down and take a photo today but I got busy putting the English subtitles on the new story about us last month. A guy from one of our English groups sent me a translation of it, so I can share it with you. I can't say it's completely accurate portrayal of our work, but the reporters were here for two hours and they didn't know English, so things get translated a lot.

 Verhoogs on Ukrainian TV News - with English subtitles!

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