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Friday, October 16, 2015

This week tractors and...

Friday morning and Garry and Max Rudei are off buying a new tractor for the farm. Exciting stuff, they had some discounted ones in mind, but Max heard that they have some parts replaced with inferior parts, so they are looking at full priced Belarus tractors now, I think. All the corn has been harvested, and so there is money to spend on the new tractor Max has been wanting for a couple years now. The original tractor is getting a bit worn out, so they need a new one for the harder jobs so there are less breakdowns and fixing.

Tuesday we went on an excursion with the students to a dairy farm south of Zaporosia, there lots of photo on the Bird's eye view blog, just click on the bird photo in the right hand column.

Wednesday Garry got to get up early and go celebrate the new Ukrainian Men's Day holiday with guys from church. Traditionally it was celebrated in February, but that was an old Soviet holiday so October 14th which was an old Cossack holiday we've been told was chosen this year for Ukraine.
It is having trouble catching on, but maybe in a couple years it will be normal. Garry played paintball and went on a picnic.

When he got home we were soon going off to Dnaprapejisk for his every other week English class. We left later than normal, so no time for our usual dinner out at Burger Time, so we had gas station hotdogs on the way into the city, and lemon Pepsi (I had a couple sips, Garry forgets about my diet and buys my favorites!)

We have been missing sleep a lot of nights because the Blue Jays games start at 11 pm or 2:30 am and so we try to stay up or get up to watch the playoffs. We were up until three am that night watching a very exciting win.

 Every day Garry is checking under the tress in the yard for walnuts, he needs to beat the birds, mice and students to them, he cracked a few yesterday.

The students have a job up in the hay mow this afternoon, and so far I have found gloves and gotten drinking water for them.Polo came in with me and ate my soup while I was getting the water. I had set the bowl on the couch while i answered the door. Garry should be home soon, he said Max is driving the tractor home and one bundle of money was 200 grivna short, they counted it twice. (I had to phone about where he put the gloves) apparently we are visiting and English class at 5 pm (he forgot to tell me I guess) before our regular Friday night followup class. Good thing I printed out stories for it already, we'll be on the road again.

The microwave is beeping, I'd better get my second bowl of yesterday's turkey noodle soup. Polo had enough, hope no one comes to the door.

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