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Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's here! The container has made it to the village

The container was donated by the people at left, Big Steel Box, and is now sitting on top of a couple of old concrete "telephone poles " next to the farm shop. We will use it for storage. For more info about the container, click on the bird photo.
Here are some photos from Tuesday when the trucks arrived. One truck arrived shortly after nine am along with a crane the guys hired to unload everything. That truck had the body of the new hay mower and the feed mixer wagon on. The mixer wagon is used but in great shape with a fresh coat of paint.

 The crane would lift the item up and the truck would drive away and the crane would swing it to the ground.

Then the guys waited for the second truck to arrive... around 1 o'clock it made it. Garry thought it would be quick to unload the container off the truck, but it took several hours to get it in place and unload everything. Most of the stuff went into the farm shop for the evening, except the clothes, which went into our house for now.

Almost ready to go, it was hooked to a tractor by noon. However, there were seven guys outside looking at it this morning  (Thursday) when I got back from class,

First they tried to lift the whole container but it failed...

Some of the students were watching before they went to class
Then they decided to take the skid steer out! They got it started, and Max drove in onto the back of a truck, later they backed up to a ramp and drove it off the little truck.

 Then they rearranged the cables (Garry said the crane did not come with long enough cables) and  crane tried to lift it again...

Unsuccessfully...  so they came up with a new plan...
did I mention that there was a lot of arm waving all day long, as they tried to unload things?

They decided to have the truck drive up into the ditch to unload it. So it went down and turned around to get up a good head of steam and make it up to hill (remember Garry said it was a bad truck and could only go 60 Km an hour,),

First they had to clean out the garbage from the ditch, the truck driver was worried about glass cutting his tires.

 Here the truck comes, with lots of smoke, as he churns up the ditch... remember it rained the day before.

Lift again... then they had to get the truck out, so they hooked one of the tractors to it so it could drive away from the container.
more arm waving

Then they took some more stuff out of the box...

Garry's very excited about the table saw getting here

they had to maneuver the box around with the help of some big pushing power...

and then they pushed it into just the right place with the help of manpower!

And finally they completely emptied the box with the help of the bobcat...

 I finally walked home around 4 pm when the battery on the camera died.

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