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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pray for rain

Yeah, it was damp for Monday and Tuesday, but not enough rain to wet the ground more and a couple centimeters. Not enough to get to the wheat that was planted last month, not enough to soften the ground up for plowing.

Fall plowing is going very slowly, last week they took one bottom off the plow, it's a little easier on the tractor going with just two through the very hard ground. Of course, it means they are only making two furrows per pass across the field. They have been plowing the big field near the "new barn" it may take weeks to finish. The price of diesel fuel has gone down just a bit recently, which helps. we buy a lot for the tractor. They will start with the new tractor soon, we have two plows.

Sadly, no rain to fill the cistern either. The water was turned off for the irrigation system and couple weeks ago, so Garry had to fill it with well water, which is fill of minerals, get ready for spotty dishes again! We also will be buying drinking water now until spring, the filter we have removes impurities, not minerals, you can't make tea or coffee (or soup) with the filtered well water, it tastes terrible.

They did get all four wheelbarrows fixed and some welding done in the barn here on Monday. The new gates were supposed to be finished (more welding) yesterday so they can sort out the heifers in the new barn. They had a different company out to look at the new barn and installing the equipment, since the first company isn't answering their calls. Lots of things to get done before winter, Garry has a list.

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