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Monday, November 16, 2015

Rain and snow

While Garry was busy today with going to Kiev to get the long awaited container shipped from Canada (previous post) I walked over to teach English this morning at 7:30. It was damp and cool outside, the sky was bit gray, but I was surprised to see rain on the classroom windows an hour later. I got rather wet walking home, you could hear the rain coming down on the new group home roof as I walked past, nothing like rain hitting a metal roof!

By noon it was still raining, really coming down and Maria was glad I had made soup for lunch, her coat was soaked from walking home, she wore a different one to class in the afternoon.  After lunch we looked out the window to discover big blobs of snow falling, it melted as it hit the ground, it was like it was slushing out.

The girls walking in the driveway to help milk this afternoon were thrilled with the snow, and mugging for the camera. It changed to straight rain later, and water was running down the streets when I walked back for English class two at 3:30. You had to watch your step, big water puddles and slippery sticky mud.

When I arrived at the classroom, I discovered that they had to move the desks and put a bucket under a leak in the ceiling this afternoon. Guess someone needs to check the roof, or maybe just close that attic door?

Over the weekend we had finally gotten heavier rain, rain that you could hear hitting the windows Saturday evening. Diluted the cistern with some rain water to soften it up!  Garry is hopeful that there was finally enough moisture to get the wheat sprouted and growing. Sunday there were a few drops around, but it was pretty warm out, Garry forgot his coat as we left for Dnepropetreosk with Victor in his blue van, but he was OK in his long sleeved shirt. I had actually worn my winter coat, normally I have less on than he does these days, but I walk around downtown Dnepro most Sundays while he is teaching his afternoon class. This Sunday I actually went to visit one of friend's English school, where Garry used to talk once a month, after getting some groceries.

Yes, the van is still in the shop, as you might guess. They wrote off the turbo (turbino) after the events on Thursday. However, there is not a replacement to be found in Ukraine, it would need to come from Germany and take at least a week, so they are rebuilding it after all. Hoping to have a working car by the end of the week, at least it is less labor than last month, when they had the transmission out of the car.

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