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Monday, November 16, 2015

Man on a Mission- updated at nine pm!

Garry, Victor and Max Rudei left very early this morning to drive to Kiev. The container sent from BC this spring that arrived in Ukraine in September has finally cleared customs! They have to repack the container, pay fees, deal with the import company, who are supposed to get part of the shipment as payment, and hopefully see it loaded on a truck to come here before returning, hopefully tonight.

Garry is hoping they will just want the clothes and shoes. The students who live on the other side of the village are excited about bicycles, so hopefully we get some of the used ones in the container. The girls- Julia and Karina want one, they are excited about getting over to the barn for work or class faster; but they need to learn to ride one, they have never had the chance before.

We discovered that we do not have an alarm clock anymore, and Garry wanted to leave at 3 am, so we both tried setting alarms on our phones. Garry went to sleep after the first half of the Eagles game around ten pm (I gave him the bad news before he left). Apparently I was more successful at technology, as the little beeping noise woke me up and I poked Garry at 2:45. He made coffee, called Max and was on his way.

It is now quarter to five, I was going to go back to sleep. after re-locking the door... perhaps CNN was a mistake, or deciding to crochet the next block on the afghan I am making...

however I need to get up at 7 am so I can walk over to teach English at eight, so maybe I will turn the lights on (OK I did for the photo) and just stay up now. Maria is here, we picked her up last night, so she will teach the classes without Garry today, starting at nine. Garry had told her "we" were going to Kiev, and she assumed "we" meant me, but he meant Max and Victor.

Garry took his tablet with him, so hopefully there will be photos to share when he gets back to the village.

After a rather long day of waiting, the stuff was loaded into a truck, they left some stuff for the organization that helped import it as agreed (that was one of the things they did today, along with paying some fees) , including two rolls of the silage plastic that they really wanted to cover stuff with, but it sounds like some of everything and all the farm equipment were on their way around nine pm. The last thing loaded on was the skid steer, they had a little trouble getting it up the ramp, Garry said it was driven up, tires spinning with six guys pushing.

The  first truck left when it was loaded, the car is following the container on it's truck because they are thinking they may have pay at few checkstops since it is too tall according to Ukrainian law, I was told earlier today. They will drive all night and should arrive around dawn, maybe sooner, but it will be a slow trip from Kiev. 

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