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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring is coming

As you can see the grass along the village street is starting to grow and turn green, and the village poultry is on the loose during the day. While the villagers are still wearing winter coats and hats, I had to take mine off on my walk today, it's about 10 C (balmy 50 F) and I hiked back from the girls house on the other side of the village in my big rubber boots. I was taking pictures and here are some.

Demolition started on the new house project that the work teams are coming to help with next month, and most of the boys were digging a new well at the girls' house. While they were working on insulating the attic this week, Garry decided that the well there was dirty.

Polo was happy to come with me, we walked down to the new project and then I got a ride to the girls house with Garry in Max's Mercedes van to see the well drilling.

 I walked back and yelled for Polo as I passed the store, and he came racing from the new house project where the kids were working jumping up on his hid legs, super excited that I had returned to continue our walk home.

  We even have chickens in our yard, even though we don't have chickens they come from next door.

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