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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Zaporosia farm show

I missed going to the farm show in Kiev with Garry and the students, however on Friday we went to the one in Zaporosia. Garry said he found more useful stuff here than in Kiev. We took the two students who stayed home and worked when they went to Kiev and the three who won (they filled out all the answers of the of the scavenger hunt paper as a group). The back seat of the car got pretty crowded, especially when we stopped in Zap to pick up Maria!

Here are some pics of the interesting stuff we found yesterday morning at the show.

It was at the Kozak Palace

Garry and I buzzed right inside with our business cards, our name tags read 'director" along with our names. The students and Maria had to fill out long forms to get in... and wait for the girls with computers to print their name tags.

The guys got done first and we waited by the sprayer display for the girls to come in.
Garry was on a quest to find the same kind of Ukrainian corn seed he grew last year. We talked to several booths that did not sell Poltava.

The students really liked the booths with candy, like this company selling corn and sunflower seed.

The girls were willing to talk seeds to eat candy

Garry was able to talk to two companies that made Quonset type buildings, he wants to build some grain storage, and was excited to find a company selling generators, including a larger tractor driven one we could buy for the new farm when the power goes out.
In other exciting news the company from Dnepro has started working on installing the parlor, we will be milking cows over there at the "new farm" sometime this spring.

The girls were really interested in her shoes

Honey  equipment was a big draw, promised organic and EU salable products

The corn quest was over when we found this booth with last year's Poltava variety corn. Garry got lots of info found them including about their silage type variety of corn.

There was a display by a car club that was popular with everyone at the show, there were lots people taking photos of the Packard which Garry pointed out to me, had a NJ 1930 licence plate! His favorite was the tractor I think.

 The students got pens, hand wipes and candy at the booth form an oil product company.

 Garry said the show was supposed to last until 3 pm, but we left just before noon and people were taking apart booths rapidly 15 minutes before noon. Afterwards we took the students bowling.

Garry was also interested in the cultivator outside

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