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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pizza Night

The students were excited about pizza on Friday night. I had told them in English class last week, and we had not had Pizza Night since two days before I left at the end of November. I spent the afternoon cutting, chopping, mixing dough and frying up ground beef  to get ready to make  a lot of pizza.

Garry normally has one of his followup SEI English meetings  in Dnepropetrovsk every Friday evening, but this fall we couldn't have them on the last Friday of the month, so it became the monthly pizza night for the group home parents and students at our house, or the big family night, with ochen coousny  (very tasty) pizza made by me. Luda and the girls house usually bring some soft drinks, and I bought a couple 2 liter bottles when we picked up some mushrooms and cheese (and a new microwave) Thursday evening at the grocery store.

So I made 13-14 pizzas  (I lost count) I keep them warm by taking them off the pans and stacking them in a pot with parchment paper between them, then greasing the pan and making another to go in the oven. This month every piece was eaten, along with the dill pickles Garry cut up, he had bought a giant jar at the store. We watched some youtube cat videos, and after eating, some of the group enjoyed a few rounds of UNO, while some of the students had to leave to go help with the evening milking.

This morning it was quite foggy out, we could barely see Yana and her sister walking back home from milking as we drove out of the village. Garry and I went to Dnepro early, we had breakfast at Mc Donalds and went to the the metal market to find parts to fix the water pump, which stopped working (after pumping slower and slower since we returned to Ukraine) and he was unable to get the part when he was out on Friday. It added to the challenge of getting ready for pizza day. We walked around the market a bit trying a couple stalls for the piece needed and he finally found the part to fix our pump and a flange for the water pump for the barn, which had a different problem it was leaking. The "salty water" that comes from the well is hard on the water pumps, so they need fixing and replacing often.

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