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Friday, December 9, 2016

Fun and other things to finish

Garry has been busy. I video chatted with him Friday morning his time (Thursday evening here). He was up early and went over to the freestall barn to help milk between times that we chatted. He tries to get there a couple times a week for the morning milking. So far it was only the one Sunday morning that he milked by himself when no one showed up but him. He told me he wanted to sort more springing heifers out of the freestall barn so they could be moved to the calving barn (the old barn).

Last week they moved the wooden calf hutches from the old barn to outside the free stall barn so it will be easier to feed the calves milk. With so many cows calving (three more this past Sunday) the students were getting tired of carrying large amounts of milk over to feed the calves, so now they will move the fresh cow and calf over there after they calve. When the calves are weaned they will be moved back. There are 8 pens in the hutches. Garry was amazed that they were able to move them with any of them getting damaged, because he built them from chipboard five or more years ago. He had to remove the steel roof that was added and then they picked them up with the loader tractor and carried them for about a kilometer!

 He was planning to take the first year students bowling today, he told them that they would have an extra day of classes since he was leaving. On Wednesday he took the second year students bowling after class started that afternoon. We are down a student in that group because one of the girls took off last week, they hope she comes back. She had been getting tutoring because she wanted to go to vet tech training next year. She found a guy in a different city to leave with and won't talk to any of the girls on the phone, so her firends are upset,too.

He told me on Wednesday when I phoned while he was driving to his English group that he had finished the laying the flooring at Luda's. He was going to buy the baseboard trim if he had time to get back to Dnepro after the class before the stores closed. I am not sure if he did, since he had commented that the bypass highway was slippery before we hung up, but I am sure it will be done before he leaves next week. He said he needed to buy some scoffs (wardrobes) for the new rooms.

Apparently it was quite warm today after having snow and cold weather. He told me that he had driven to Zaporosia last night for our usual Bible study group and the wind was blowing strongly, and visibility was poor. he only stayed about an hour and on the way home to the village saw a huge pileup of cars on the the other side of the divided highway. He thought it had happened fairly soon after he drove by and I think he said there might have been thirty cars or more involved.

They decorated the classroom for the holidays

at the mall with a big tree

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