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Friday, December 30, 2016


Garry was feeling pretty bad after his ankle surgery, he was taking the pain pills for the first week, but he is feeling better now. He has to stay completely off his foot for 8 weeks before he can put any weight on it, so he will be even better on his crutches in February, it will be three months at least on them. His bigger problem is he can't carry anything while crutching around the house, so he has to have help to do anything.

He hopes to get to church in Steinbach on Sunday, on the 8th we are supposed to talk at the services at Emmanuel, that will be after he two week checkup, when he hopes they will take the cast off for a walking boot, even though he can't walk on it, he hopes to be able to shower in a week or so.

I didn't even take any photos on Christmas Day, I couldn't get my charger to charge the camera. It was just a little busy getting ready for Christmas, but I did get it propped up and working the next day so I could take photos again.

There are some photos on the trade school blog that Maria took for us of the students enjoying Christmas. Here's one of a couple of the boys "working" on the farm and Polo of course. Looks like there isn't much snow there, we have a couple feet here in Manitoba.

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