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Friday, December 16, 2016

Hey, he's on his way...

At least I think so... he should be in Toronto and boarding his flight to Winnipeg soon. I am at the hotel waiting. He has a pre-op appointment tomorrow morning, so we are staying overnight... plus he is supposed to land a half hour after midnight!

Before leaving he took all of the students bowling. In the last post I did there are photos of the second year students. Since then the first year students went bowling last Friday...

Here they are in the classroom with Garry

Then he took the grads bowling and to Mc Foxys to eat like the other groups. If you are wondering its fast food. Mc Donalds in Zaporosia is closed for remodeling.

Garry has his ankle fusing operation on Tuesday so I am sure he will be very busy until then while he can walk on two feet for his first couple days home... as long as he arrives on time tonight!

He arrived at 4:30 am, his flight was delayed out of Toronto because of the snowstorm there, I got back to the hotel with him at 5 am, we were upgraded to a suite for free, but I think he's sleeping until we need to leave for the hospital appointment,

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