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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Home for the holidays

Our growing family
Garry had a busy couple days after arriving home before his operation. On Saturday night it was the farm Christmas party and we got a big family photo. It was held in the new gym the boys just finished, they laid the floor earlier that week. 

The kids really like to dance- I think it's why we have a band
Its snowy
There really is a shop attached to the gym

The boys plan to get the backboards up as soon as they arrive. We watched them play in Winnipeg on Monday evening before Garry's operation. Since it was snowing hard we stayed overnight in the city since Garry had to be at the hospital at 7:45 am.

He is home and as long as his foot is up, in the recliner or in bed its feeling OK. They had to make a one inch incision to remove some bone chips that were floating around, but its screwed together and he can't put any weight on it for 8 weeks. Then it will be another month on crutches with the walking boot on. Of course he wants to fly back the beginning of February, but we'll see.

He has ruled out going to church for Christmas eve, its still much too painful if its not raised.

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