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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Back in the village for Canada day... evening

Well, no fireworks to celebrate our anniversary this year. At least not here, I am sure there are some in Canada. Yes, we were married on Canada Day in the US, so we are not just celebrating Canada's 150th birthday today!

Garry met me at the Kiev airport Thursday afternoon as planned, and we had a lovely two days and nights at a suburban hotel that had a water park. We got two free hours with our stay and had fun Thursday evening sliding down water slides, much to the confusion of one of the staff, who said we were the oldest people she had seen on the tube slide.

He planned to drive to Poland with Victor on Monday and return with the new used 9 passenger van he was buying. However, if you have heard about the computer virus in Europe, you might realize the problem they ran into on Tuesday when they got the van from Poland into Ukrainian  customs just as it was all shut down. They thought that the guys who were importing it could drive it out to Kiev on Thursday... or Friday, so Victor dropped Garry at a hotel near the airport to wait for me. He found the new hotel for an anniversary get away, and a taxi met us at the airport. No A/C, the windows down and hot air in my hair.

Friday we relaxed in the mall and our air-conditioned hotel room on a very hot day- it was 39 C ( 102 F) and struck out by taxi to the Metro (subway) and then by foot to find the Canada 150 celebration. Garry had received an invitation by email while I was gone and realized I was going to return the day before. We had met the ambassador last October, and some of his staff.

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The ambassador even remembered Garry and Nikolaipolia when we went through the receiving line. It started at 6:30 pm, and we had a lovely time, met some nice people, and had delicious food to eat as we walked round the St Sofia church grounds.

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One band was from Winnipeg and a Ukrainian band featured traditional instruments playing pop tunes.

There was poutine, salmon and other Canadian treats, including maple flavoured ice cream.

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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, grass, outdoor and natureYou might notice most people were in suits and fancy dresses, while were were wearing Canada 150 t shirts I had bought in Manitoba. We introduced ourselves to everyone in Canada shirts and jerseys, but we were in the minority.

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Then around nine thirty pm (still light out) we reversed the walking, subway and taxi route to the hotel. Saw a musical fountain show downtown as dusk fell while walking back to the subway.

We received exciting news after returning to the hotel, they were able to get the car out of the customs lot Friday evening.
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After breakfast we were waiting for the phone call to say the car had made it to Kiev all morning. We tried the pool,packed up and watched a movie on Garry's computer, before we finally got the good news.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, car and outdoorWe ending up  redoing the taxi/subway route to meet up with the guy driving it to Kiev after noon checkout today and Garry had to drive right through Kiev (luckily it was Saturday.) We finally got lunch around 2:30 in a drive-thru and were headed out of the city around 3 pm.

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 We made it back to the village as the sun set. Of course Garry looked at lots of fields as he drove past them. He said some of the sunflowers were more in bloom than on Monday.
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When we got home, he had to check a couple of his fields with Max. They got the barley baled up while he was gone. There is a chance of rain overnight, but don't count on it. Yes we are still are having very dry weather and its hot! The crops are suffering from Kiev all the way home.

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