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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A walk through the village

Yesterday evening we took a walk down the street after dinner, and I had my camera, so here is a little tour of our little Ukrainian village with Mennonite roots. You will notice that in Ukraine, good fences make good neighbors is the rule, you will see wood, metal, concrete, see through and solid fences. Very good when the village herd is coming down the street twice a day. Garry has heard that the cows will go out for the first day in the fields on Saturday.
Three little goats playing king of the mountain 

Their owner calling them and the baby ducks home

Garry telling her how nice her babies are- She said the goats are one month old

Yana has her mixed twins tied out in front of her house

Polo was marking his territory as we went down the street

Mowing the grass with a weed wacker

There are lots of tulips blooming in the village (this is a Ukrainian style house)

Human kids playing king of the mountain

Garry got them to pose for a picture

Look it's pigs, like a whole family of them

Garry and Maria checking out the pigs in a front yard

Hi Mama, let's play!

Look it's our tractor! 

Garry and Maria talking with a retired man at his datsha (cottage)

Maxim Rudei house with its neighbors

Max built a metal fence with a lovely gate

All the way to the second store

Tulips in rows

The concrete fence is also popular 

Taking care of her little sister

Even the summer kitchen is painted 

This Mennonite house was built in 1880

Where Garry gets his hair cut 

Polo walking in front of the store closer to our house

Are we friends?

Where the little brown dog lives

Garry and Maria catch up to me

House for sale

Garry is trying to make friends with little Bogdan

And back at home

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