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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring has sprung

Willow getting leaves
This weekend the apricot trees and forsythia bushes sprang into bloom in the cities. Some of the trees have tiny green leaves popping out, even here in the village. It is not as warm as last week when the team was here, apparently they picked the best week to come, with it being colder both before and after they were here!

I took some photos while walking over to the barn last week, which we will call signs of spring in the village.
tiny wildflowers

Little Ukrainian flag flying high on a shed

Gardens are worked up and many are planted

Chickens have been out for the day for a month now

Just not spring until someone burns a manure pile...

This rooster has something to crow about...

The neighbor's chickens are in our yard...again

She got her garden harrowed on April 12th
Planting garden in your coat, before the team came.

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