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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crop update- April 29th 2014

Petals on the ground look like snow outside
Today no one is planting corn, or sunflowers... Garry is in the city buying new front tires for one of the tractors and it is muddy, really muddy outside. There was a big downpour around three am, and it has been raining to varying degrees all day.

However, they did finish planting the big field in corn this past weekend (260 acres) and yesterday they used the planter to plant sunflower seed. There will be more of both crops to plant when the ground dries. It may be a while, because the forecast is for rain the rest of the week,  very unusual (and good) here, where we are always looking for more rain. The first ten acres that they planted is poking out of the ground, now, I'll try to get a photo of it before I fly to Canada on Sunday.

Field tour time!

Many fields are not worked, only the small farmers are planting this year.

New alfalfa planting looks greener

close up - they look like alfalfa now!

The pop bottle on the tree marks the line of the field boundary

Birds are everywhere now

Someone is cutting grass to feed their cow by the pond

The winter wheat is looking good

and the weeds are not- the spray worked!

Where the road goes (into the pond since last year)

so up to the new alfalfa field...

and back down to the road....

looks like someone's filling a water tank from the pond

It's Saturday so people are hanging out at the pond fishing

To Moroznika to look at the "bad" wheat field

It looks pretty good even if they didn't spray for weeds

Hard to find the hay for the weeds 

but it's there!

Past another pond to the last 25 acres of wheat

Look there is the corn planter!

...well there...past the wheat field

another good wheat field

it's closer to the village (the tire marks are from spraying)

Birds where the cows grazed today by the pond

the village herd ate a lot of grass in two days

Look, its the trade school barn across the barn
  We have not grown any winter canola, but maybe some year. It is planted in the fall here, like wheat, and blooms early in the spring. The fields are starting to turn bright yellow now.
Canola is blooming along the highway

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