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Monday, April 14, 2014

Good morning world!

It says "brothers?" on the billboard
Dough-bray oo-tra mir! (Good morning world) Yes, we are still here in Ukraine, although we do check the news more often to see what's going on in our part of the world... for more than six weeks Crisis in Ukraine has been at the top of the news with the murder trial in South Africa and the search for the missing plane on the BBC and CNN.

 Climate change is less important when you are living in a country where war could break out anytime, you find. You just try to ignore the elephant in the room and go on with life as normal. Garry phoned his mother in March for her birthday and she told him the same thing as our kids do, people they don't even know walk up to them and ask how we are doing and if we are leaving Ukraine.

Sunday morning on the way to church

A family walking to church with their umbrellas
At the moment, the answer is still no, although we are thinking about what to do if....

Garry is not planting corn today as planned, because we had an amazing big rain yesterday, after getting enough for puddles on Saturday, so it is too wet. Saturday they sprayed some of ground where they will be planting sunflowers with herbicide, because the only inexpensive spray available is used before planting. We have way more land to farm this year, so there is lots of corn and sunflowers to plant with the new planter.

Sunday morning we headed to church and as as we drove the sprinkles became rain drops on the windshield as we got closer to the city. The apricot trees are blooming everywhere, and some trees are even getting leaves.

 After church we ate at Mc Donalds and did the monthly visit with Lena's English classes at 2 pm for an hour. Everyone learning English wants to hear a native speaker.

Spring is here, trees are blooming and some are even green!

Rain is Ukraine makes Garry smile

Forsythia bushes in bloom in front of McD's

Garry talking to the English class

The space sculpture in the traffic circle near Dafi has a flag now

There are so many more Ukrainian  flags to be seen in Dnepropetroesk since the new government and the Crimean takeover. Maybe people have them on their cars, too. Yesterday we saw a tram downtown wearing a new ad- for Ukraine- the blue and yellow map of Ukraine includes Crimea, too.

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