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Friday, June 20, 2014

Conference...and if a man falls in the river and no one was taking photos, would you know about it?

Afterwards... you will see what happened near the bottom of the post
We have been here in the mountains for the conference for three days already! It's almost over...and has been a time of refreshment for everyone, I am sure. these lovely ladies came from Washington state to minister to us by leading us in worship singing. We have learned some new songs, and sang some familiar ones too. Garry has really felt blessed with the messages in particular, and the fellowship of meeting people we have not seen in two years is exciting.
Jet lag has not been too bad, although we were late for breakfast yesterday morning!


Afternoons are free time and today Garry is going out on quads with a couple of the guys. Yesterday, while some of the group visited a castle, we went for a drive and I took some photos of storks and things I talked about but couldn't get photos of on the way here.

here is one of those flowers gardens I was talking about

Log house with a shrine in the yard

loose hay on a truck

Typical garden with potatoes and pole beans planted in the rows

Many houses with this wooden siding on little pieces in rows

Drying hay in the yard

This was a bunker - we think Hungarian- WW2 era

These hay piles have holes inside to help dry the hay

A lineback cow?

We found a few cows, but none with cowbells on my side of the road for photos, these brown Swiss got up close to our car after passing the ice cream truck on the road.
Traffic slowdown
really close to the car

back to Polyanna

Stork nest- 

We found these storks in the big town we had driven through on Tuesday, we had gone there looking to fill up on gas. and stopped at the market. It was across the street from the train station, where this very full nest was. We walked around a little but the only thing we bought was ice cream.

Garry looking at a hand turned corn sheller

parking by the market- those are squash on top of the Lada
a beautiful place to stop by the river
It would be funny if you fell in the river trying to go down....

what are you doing?

falling in the river- luckily only hurt his wrist (bruised today)

Water dripping off his nose

A wet ride back to the hotel
His shoes dried out some before he went 4 wheeling with some of the guys this afternoon, they rented quads for an excursion down the mountains, and had a good time- no falls!

There he is!

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