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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Crop report

We've been back for almost a week and I have not shown you the crops, so here goes! It was wet when were returned on Sunday, the guys said it had rained all Saturday, but it needed it as there were cracks in the fields (one way to tell how dry it is here). Interesting fact, when it rains, rain is measured not by how much rain you catch in a gauge, but by how deep the soil gets wet. Garry drove around and checked out most of the fields, but I needed to recharge the battery soon after returning to the village, so no photos!

That green in the distance is one of our corn fields 
It doesn't look that bad for lots of weeds!
The guys had cut the new seeding and the sudan grass before it rained, so they hoped to get it in before the rain in the forecast arrived, even if it had been rained on. Garry decided to chop the sudan grass for silage, and it took some work to get the small bunker that they had been able to buy near the trade school barn fixed up enough to put it there, but they were able to finish it by late Tuesday night and cover it with plastic. Its a rather small pile, but its there if they can't green chop for the heifers living over there if it gets dry latter this summer. They did bale most of the hay (it really was mostly weeds anyway) and got it up in the mow with rain clouds everywhere on Wednesday.

Eventually the rain did arrive, Wednesday and Thursday evenings we got some real downpours. A big piece of one of the walnuts trees in the yard came down, and Friday morning they had to run the generator to milk because there was only two of three phases working in the village. It was fixed sometime during the afternoon milking, so all of my stove was working by the time I made pizza for dinner.

I did get some photos of the corn field next to the trade school barn (too wet to get to the other fields yet) on Friday at noon.

Corn growing right behind the heifers by the barn

as tall as Garry= about 6 1/2 feet)

Friday morning at the home farm yard 

Yes, the corn is starting to tassel!
alfalfa field across the highway
Saturday it was dry enough to start mowing the second-cut alfalfa. You have to love six feet of top soil. Garry is hoping to get the combine here to do the wheat next week and then there will be straw to bale..  a lot more small square bales to make and move around.

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