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Monday, June 30, 2014

Driving in the car... in Ukraine

Last week while we were driving back from western Ukraine, I was bored and shot some video with my camera. This is taken on the road about halfway between here and Kiev. We drive this road several times a year, and it has some bad stretches, however I would call this typical highway driving. There are a few holes, but a lot of the bumps are from the many patches that have been added to the roads to fill them.

Monday morning Andrey came in and said that we had a flat on the van. Garry bought two tires later that day when we drove to Dnepro because he had to put the spare on (its rather bald, but it worked on when we had the flat on the trip too) This tire had separated from the belt, so it was garbage. We were lucky it did not go bad on the trip home, I guess.

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