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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ten days in Manitoba

Wow, I have not posted in a while, but we have been very busy here on the farm- and other places in Manitoba. We went to church in Steinbach as planned on Sunday and on Monday Garry went right into helping the boys with planting corn and packing up the rest of the parlor to ship to Ukraine. Then of course we had a wedding in the family on the following Sunday! Garry's parents arrived in their camper on Tuesday afternoon, so we have had a good time playing games, visiting the thrift store, and his father has been mowing grass when he is not helping Garry with the parlor packing. Yesterday they drove the parlor boxes to Winnipeg to ship to Ukraine, all the boxes will be traveling by ship and arrive in about a month.

Croquet anyone?
 Saturday afternoon/evening we hosted the pre-wedding rehearsal dinner here at the farm, luckily there was a good breeze, so we could eat outside (it keeps the mosquitoes away, there are a lot of them on quiet evenings). Even though there were more the 40 people eating, it seems I made way too much of the Ukrainian (and Canadian) salads, because we have been eating them all week! I gave up and tossed them last night.

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