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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Busy week- wheat harvest

the circus had lights at night
While Garry and I are getting ready to teach English for the next three weeks, we did take a little vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary on Canada Day. We rented an apartment in the tower at MOCT city center for tow nights, it had a beautiful view. Garry a only spent one night, he went on a river paddling trip with some men form the church and got back later than he planned , a little sun burnt and ready to go out to dinner. The place had a wonderful view of the river and bridge (most means bridge in Russian). I got lots of lesson prep and a bit of crocheting done while he was gone.

I was surprised to see two cables snake down from the rook past the balcony railing in the morning, and late in the morning a window washer appeared on the balcony. You can see where he tied his harness onto the rail before washing the apartment windows.

When we got home Garry got busy helping with the hay and straw baling.... mostly he was throwing the bales up in the mow to unload wagons.

Today the combine came and started the wheat harvest, and the guys were baling straw. Garry and Maxim were a little disappointed with the yield on the first field but there are two more, including the best one to come.

a big truck to fill to sell

the sunflowers are starting to bloom

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