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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stacy and Danil's wedding

I was supposed to attend a wedding Saturday, so Garry had to go solo. Victor Dantsev's son Danil (or Daniel) married Stacy Unger (who has appeared in our blog before, she has taught at SEI for several years and spent a month with us on the farm in Ukraine in June 2011, the same summer Danil was visiting our farm in Manitoba.) They had a vintage theme, I had collected all my doilies and embroidered table pieces for her to borrow for decoration, and had found an old picture frame for a project she was working on for the wedding. I hope to see a photo of the completed project. I had even crocheted a vintage hat from a 1940's pattern to wear for the big day.

Victor with a special wedding bread

here comes the wedding party

Victor's sons are at the center of the pavilion on the lake

Garry and Esther (one of the SEI teachers) with traditional Ukrainian
bread baked on a stick- you often see it at festivals

Stacy wore her grandmother's wedding dress, and her parents, step dad and brother and his wife were flying in from Canada for the big day. There was also a traditional Ukrainian feel as you can see, and sunflowers. I have not talked to Garry yet to get all the details, but here are some photos I have seen from the big day.

There were even fireworks for the occasion on this side of the world. My parent's dog was hiding under the couch last night, because the winery on the first farm we milked cows on (we rented it on the other side of town) was having some pretty spectacular ones I could see across the fields and over the trees. Today is our son Josh's birthday and he is here to celebrate in New Jersey as he did many times as a child visiting Grandma.

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