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Thursday, July 10, 2014

SEI -Summer English Institute starts in Dnepropetroesk

This past week we have been busy as our three week commitment to teaching English began on Monday. We have also had guests, John Weins' brother Mel and his wife Vel have been staying with us (when we are home- most of the day we are the city.) He is one of the Canadian directors for CMRF and did some finishing work on the windows and doors over at the trade school barn for the classroom and bathrooms. She was wonderful, cleaning up after dinner while I was trying to get the next day's lessons prepped.

Looking good! Trim around one classroom window

Here are a few photos of our typical day with students and Canadian teachers. We leave the village for the drive in around 7 am, when the village herd is heading out for the day. We have to drive through carefully if we meet them on the street. One morning we were behind schedule, and they were already past our house.

Here they come!

The boy on the bicycle is part of the crew today
Yesterday some of the holes in the highway were patched, good to see when we drive it everyday. There are quite a few cars on the highway when we are driving in the morning, and we were pulled over by the traffic police in Novi Swit on Wednesday morning, the day we were running late, for the normal document check, but the guy kept asking Garry questions, so it took ten minutes. Most mornings we go through the drive-thru for McMuffins for breakfast. The last two days we have stopped and picked up a couple Canadians along our route, after they had some problems with public transportation, the tram didn't come past them that day.
We arrive at the building around 8 am

 We start the day with devotions and prayer, followed by getting ready for our first class at 9 am. This year Garry is doing another class based on talking about a book about business, while I am teaching a pronunciation class. We teach two classes before the assembly and student lunch break and two after noon. The last class ends at two o'clock. That's when the teachers eat lunch together in the cafeteria. Afterwards we head home for the rest of our day...
Garry halfway through the day of teaching

the general assembly is for all students- and visitors too

One of the students going through the cafeteria line

Part two of the day we spent with our company, unless Garry was busy with breeding cows, either here or for someone, one evening right in front of our gate, and one night in another village after a little multi-colored car picked him up. Wednesday evening dinner was delayed as he was working on solving a difficult calving, the calf was stuck upside down. He did get the calf out of the heifer alive, and I got the beans picked and frozen while he was busy.

The guys have been baling straw for people who get it as part of their share, dropping 60-65 bales at their homes. Maxim has been delivering a ton of wheat this week to the people who did not come to pick up their own, on Sunday the people with more than one share came to pick theirs up at the barn, because they get a ton for each share they rent to us.

Today we were driving back into the village when a babushka waved Garry down with her cane. She had a loud conversation with him in Russian, leaning in the car window; the gist of it being that she did not have cow anymore and did not want the straw bales that the guys had dumped on her yard. Garry told her the guys would come and take them back.

Here are two of the puppies over at the barn,
one looks a lot like Polo, so he may be the Papa

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