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Thursday, July 17, 2014

here and there...again

Garry working on his lesson Sunday afternoon
 it is nine am in Ukraine and Garry is busy teaching an English class, but I am not there. I had to turn over my class to a volunteer from Texas on Monday at noon. My mother passed away Sunday morning in New Jersey (which was late Sunday afternoon for us in Ukraine) and Garry got me on the first plane to Vienna, so I arrived in New York and got a ride home, thanks to Garry's brother Ben.

I decided a photo of inside was OK

Garry dropped me a the airport Monday during assembly time, and I discovered that they were taking security measures to prevent photos of the military planes and helicopters on the ground in Dnepropetroesk- there are signs saying photographing and videotaping is forbidden in Ukrainian, Russian and English, on the windows overlooking the runways in the waiting area for departures. While I was waiting with the Vienna passengers and ones flying to Moscow, I watched guys with large cameras snapping away. Then I noticed three guys outside on the roof carrying a ladder. shortly after I realized they were working to screw green mesh about six feet high across the windows to obscure the view of the runway. One of the older guys would hold the ladder for the other one who had the drill they were using to screw into the metal pieces between the windows, and the young guy in blue and orange got to unroll and hold up the fabric roll for them You could still see through it, but not as clearly. It might make it a little cooler in the upstairs of the airport too, screening out some of the sun coming in the glass.

After three hours of sleep the night I arrived (and none on the plane), I woke up at 1 am and couldn't get back to sleep, so after a somewhat busy helping with some of the planning I fell asleep at 8 pm (last night) Wednesday evening.... but woke up after six hours at 1 am again, because my body still is back on Ukrainian time!

Once I finish this, I will try to sleep, or sort through the photo albums for photos of mother for the funeral tomorrow... but I going to have to adjust to the new time zone, because Garry booked my ticket for a month.

Here is a photo of the giant straw pile that the guys finished making outside the barn by the house. I understand on Monday and Tuesday they were working on one near the new trade school barn, but of course I don't have photos of it!
They were calling it the pyramid

another day of work finished

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