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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ukrainian Day at SEI

Garry tells me he won Ukrainian day at English Institute today, it was because he was wearing the hat I got at a festival in the city a couple years ago. It was a very hot sunny day and he decided I needed a hat so I didn't burn. He told me everyone loved the hat. I found a photo of him with one of his students. He just bought the shirt on Sunday, he has never had one before, although he gave me one for Christmas.
That's my replacement teacher with the microphone in the photo
Then during the evening he was wearing my cowboy hat at the "closing party" at Word of Life church on the left bank. They host it every year, two years ago there was a Ukrainian theme with salo (think fatty uncooked bacon) on black bread, last year it was fishing, with fish flavored bread spreads (and caviar), I wonder what they had to eat tonight... apparently they learned to line dance, anyway. I did not talk to him before he went to bed. I found out they had chili - Garry said it was even a little spicy!

Just two more days of class left. He is going to be listening to the students' business plans they have made, so he is coasting now... thinking about what he will be doing next ...

likely working on the parlor after a short trip with Clay to the Black Sea. He told me that he has ordered the metal framework for it from the company that made the freestalls.

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