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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goodbye to Summer Institute- salute to volunteers!

Garry and Christian
Josh- shortly after arriving from Canada this month

Garry is spending the weekend with Josh and Christian, who ended up at our place for a couple nights after the first week of teaching, because the apartment that had been rented for them was hopping with fleas, quite literally. A new very nice but more expensive place was found for them right downtown, they stayed at the apartments at the mall near the bridge, where Garry and I had stayed for our anniversary at the beginning of July, although they did not get a river view. That way they were available to meet up with students after classes during the week, as it is an important part of making relationships for personal contacts for share about Jesus, which we do not do in class, only at assembly time.

However to save some cash, they were going to come back to the farm with us on the final Friday before flying back to Canada, so when I talked to Garry Friday evening he asked where the sheets for the pull-out couch were located.
Both guys worked with the kids at the Youth Institute, along with Dawn, classes for students aged 11-16. He said Christian was leaving for the airport Sunday morning and Josh on Monday. Sounded like they were watching more Corner Gas - they had started a marathon of season one the first weekend they were with us, but no pizza this Friday. Garry did make pizza Saturday night, he says it is still better when I make it and he doesn't. Apparently poor Josh is still suffering from the effects of the flea bites, his feet and legs were covered and he had a very adverse reaction to them, Victor had to get medication for him.
Garry with one of his classes and the Milk King shirt he got

 I got to see some of their teacher presents form the students. Garry got a t shirt that one class had made for him and cow cereal bowls and a big mug from another and a giant chocolate heart. He said I even got some tea from my students. Every year they love to show their appreciation to the volunteers who teach English, whether they come from Canada or not!
Last day- Photos with the teacher
Garry had a tall chair for teaching

Some of the ladies with their certificates

Friday was the day of the closing ceremonies when the students with good attendance or perfect attendance received their certificates, with farewell handshakes and hugs for and from the teachers. After a few more photos to remember SEI 2014.  the teachers pack everything up to be stored away for next year (last year all the fans went in our attic) and go out for a farewell dinner. This year they had Chinese food at the Bruce Lee restaurant.

Here are some photos of the wanted posters of some of the teachers from the Cowboy themed party earlier in the week :

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