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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Farming in Turkey- as seen driving by

Yes, it is really Turkey

and we drove through a lot of mountains

As you saw in the earlier post, we saw mostly sheep and goats on the way to the resort but we were looking for cows.

We will start down by the sea- we went to the Mediterranean coast where, we discovered,  the bananas grow, and grapes and maybe olives and a lot of greenhouse vegetables!

We went to see a medieval castle and had some Turkish tea at a cafe, besides the resort where we enjoyed swimming, waterslides and Garry  did the para-sailing you saw in a previous post.  

Garry pretending to fall - you saw
where he actually fell in the earlier post

a beautiful view with the tea

 Driving back cross country thorough the mountains we stopped for gas and we found a very friendly dog!

roadside stand
fish farming!
a field 
Where there are milk trucks there must be cows!
All the milk trucks we saw had 4 tanks like this
Look cows not goats!
looks like it could be a farm...
NH equipment for sale in a city

I found a big dairy barn!

We finally decided most of the dairy farms were in town with houses with attached barns and big walls around, maybe they have 30 cows?

One area we drove through had marble quarries. Nearby one city had porcelain factories.

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