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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Talking Turkey

It's  after 11 pm in Istanbul. We have been visiting friends in Turkey this week and have a six am flight back to Ukraine in the morning. Noisy outside, so I woke up to post about our trip

. What do farmers do on vacation? Look for fields and farm yards of course !

we saw flocks of  sheep

We had to zoom in with the camera to see if they were cows, but goats  again...

and goats on the slopes

This is
see. the blood on the snow?
a few of the photos I took while driving to the sea, (watch for more) and some pics of our vacation.

On Tuesday we drove about 5 or 600 kilometers through the mountains to the Mediterranean Sea

. There was snow on the mountains and Garry decided to go get a snowball and went down a little too fast. He tore his jeans, his knees and his right hand is still very sore days later. I am glad he didn't hurt himself... more.
At least he was able to swim and go parasailing with a friend at the sea.

that is him up there

 Oh well, got to get up in couple hours for our flight to Kiev.. then we'll take the train to Dnepro and be in bed in the village before ten pm Sunday! It's quieter now, anyway. Good night!

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