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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

from the village

Quick update on what is happening, as of Monday. It was dark when we got back Sunday evening, and we were tired. Watch for more details on our Turkey trip later this week. Sorry I defrosted the freezer instead of finishing my post!

foreground new alfalfa, background our winter wheat fields

Max Rudi had good news for Garry. They were finally able to get some corn planted while we were gone. It has rained so much it has been hard to get into the fields. I think that we have 70 hectare planted as of Monday evening.

The new alfalfa field (not the garden in the photo) got sprayed for weeds today. Garry has found a salesman who seems to have more knowledge about options for weed control than the previous guy. Last years seeding looked good, but it was full of weeds by summer, so it didn't produce any hay (it looks good now) Hopefully this year's will be better with some weed control.

Bad news from Max Borodin, his student visa application was denied by the Canadian Government. He was accepted by Providence University College in Manitoba for the fall and Garry was very excited about sending him, so he is very disappointed, as is Maxim. Max is so hard working, we want him to have more options in life than he has as an orphan in Ukraine. It seems like not having a family to come back to was a strike against him, which seems unfair. He wants to study to be a pastor after learning more English and return to Ukraine to preach.
Garry and Max at his baptism in the village pond last summer

Garry hired a guy from the village to finish the outside of the new house with stucco. He is almost done with the base coat, the final color coating will go on next. What color do you think it should be? I think white with the red roof, but we haven't bought the stuff for it yet.

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